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LCDR Asia 1874

Lucy 1975

Lucy alights at Faversham Station, where she is delighted to recognise her cousin, Agnes, who is waiting on the platform, clutching a posy of violets.

Agnes kisses Lucy, and presses the posy into her hand. ‘I do hope your journey has not been too hard,’ she says.

Lucy gratefully takes in the scent of the violets, and judges it prudent to be discreet about her hours in Chatham. ‘Let us just say that I am glad finally to be here!’ she says.

Agnes takes Lucy by the arm and guides her through the chaos of the station, pausing at the entrance.

‘My father would love to see you,’ she says, ‘and as you know his Powder Works is quite the talk of town! But perhaps you would prefer a tour of Faversham first? I know my brother William yearns to renew your acquaintance. Last summer seems so long ago!’

Lucy blushes. Where should she go first?


pointing_handYour first duty is to visit your Uncle. Go straight to the Cotton Powder Company.

pointing_handYou are weary and in need of refreshment. Visit the town first.

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